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It’s doing well, thanks to so many kind and generous believers!

I am learning to navigate this lovely new website, thanks to Teresa Powell, and learning how to campaign and raise money for the new CD with John Keane. We will begin recording Dec 1, and I am so excited to hear what John will do!  Thank you again for your support, even if it is to share the link of the campaign with your friends and family, and let them know of the opportunities and cool perks available. There are some very affordable perks starting at 5.00!

Please and thank you for your help in spreading the word.

Now, I will go learn the art of tweeting, which I hear is the way to connect these days.  I am just getting the hang of texting. Thanks for your patience and save some time in the day for yourself. A quiet walk, a hug from your furry friend, and a good cup of herbal tea. Love on your sweet heads and hearts.


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