© Caroline Aiken, Glutton For Publishment, BMI

Would Anyone mind if I fell in love
With the Spirit of Love on the wind
I don’t suppose so it won’t hurt anyone
But it’s just what some people would think
I’ve been gone for years it seems
With a picture that’s just in my mind
Now I can see it unfolding lives
Of loved ones I need more all the time

So walk with me now teaching me how
You see all the wonders of life
And please take my hand, share what you can
Comfort is Deep in your eyes

It seems to me now, after time has gone by
Loving is more than a show
For once in my life, I can open my eyes
And see what I’ve searched for so
Still it’s something that you only get
By asking with all of your heart
I never thought I could gain the whole world
By giving up all from the start
And letting love do its part.