© Caroline Aiken, Glutton For Publishment, BMI / Sarah Page Dukes

At one point in life
I knew what everything was all about
I didn’t worry ’bout the future
I had it all planned out

But when I stopped to realize
Something felt quite strange
Suddenly I turned around
And everything had changed

My “here” was “there”
My “which” was “where”
And I couldn’t recognize
The things I saw as I dropped my jaw
At what lay before my eyes

All the things I’d so carefully arranged
Had somehow gotten misplaced
It was all twisted and deranged
And laughing in my face
‘Cause everything had changed
Everything had changed

I pushed it aside
Started anew
From my past
My future grew
I gave it strength
And there it flew
Out of the clouds
The sun shone through

So if you think you’ve got it planned
Know that life isn’t fair
And when you suddenly turn around
Be ready for what’s there
‘Cause everything can change
Everything can change
Everything can change