© Caroline Aiken, Glutton For Publishment, BMI

Angel on a mission delivered from the sky
A world of contradiction with the devil in your eyes
We searched the sky for favor, searched body and soul
You heard something Angel, then you had to go

But who am I to question timing of angels that come and go
It’s the nature of the beast so they tell me
So I let you go on a mission of angels

What you working on Angel burning that midnight oil
You know I’d lay my life down on that halo
But the night is big and deep and I am small and thin
And when you leave Angel I want you back again


I watched you go and I heard that big dog bark
Is it just the wind or is there something out there in the dark?
Am I being blind or is ignorance bliss?
I know well the big dog and the dark
But please Angel don’t leave me like this